Thanks to Joris Baas who originally started compiling the list on and thanks to Enrico Vincenzi that expanded it on Thanks also to all the people involved in any form completing the list.

Our aim is to continue the excellent work done in the past trying to maintain the list up to date as the previous projects have been abandoned.

Massimo & Mattia


Joris Baas, Enrico Vincenzi, all LiveNirvana community, Chad Channing, Hannah Parker, Laurent Beck, B. McNish, Giovanni Solorio, Frédéric Philippe, Steve Skrzyniarz, Jim Jones, Jason Lowe, Chris Quinn, Andrew Loshchenko, Pavel Voinov, Fabian Beyer, Reynir Einarsson, Jeff Ogiba, Felipe Avila, Jarrod Lawrence, John Pette, Jérémy Plenecassagne, Gillian Gaar, Marj Borettaz, Christian A. Nick Brightman, Chris Stout, Christian Ek, Anders Leirvik, Robert Turner, Erwin Graanstra, John Dutertre, Jim Glaspole, Filip de Volder, Rich H., Tim Featherstone, Yohann Guichard, Jimmy Kinahan, Paul Napper, Chris Carr, J.F. Filion, Fabio Zonta, Osty Gale, Abraham King, Paul Anson, Chris Carlson, Marj Borettaz, Tony Davis, Andrew Balmer, Sell Udo, Mr. Kyle, Teppei Maeda, Reza Shaikh, Pierre, Thomas Tolo Jørgensen, Thomas Smith, Wes Steffek, Scott Vanderpool, Scott Farley, Clive Roberts